Remote Start Systems

Audiosmith refuses to sell anything but the best remote start systems; Arctic Start by Firstech LLC is the leading tech when it comes to remote starts.

Click here to check out the different remote start packages we offer!

Car Stereo & Lighting

This is the #1 service we provide. Be it a simple radio replacement or a full system with speakers, amps, and sub woofers. We do it all.

Boat Stereo & Lighting

Since we moved to the Chain O'Lakes, we have been doing sales, installs, and boats. We will make sure you are heard and seen.

Classic Car Stereo

Due to Audiosmith being a direct distributor of retro sound equipment, we can make any classic car speaker system sound much better.


Motorcycle Stereo & Lighting

We ride bikes ourselves, so we once knew what it was like to not be able to hear your radio. We have a lot of experience when it come to your bike, so come check us out.

Custom Subwoofer Boxes

We can make any box for any application, ported, sealed, and transmission line boxes.

Tinting services

Don't like your factory tint? Want it darker? Hate the sun? Call us today for a quote on any car.